Very Humble Beginnings

Special thanks have to go out to the Internet.  Without it, our lives would be devoid of videos featuring cute kittens and those goats that fall over when they're scared.  Everyone loves that.

However, with such bounties also came videos of dads with seemingly endless artistic talent going so far as to entertain their loving children with splendid works of art.  In pancake batter!!

Ok, I can do that.  Or can I?

The photo below is a real father's honest first attempt at "Pancake Art."

The boys, gentle creatures that they are, saw fit to celebrate my achievement, if only by graciously eating the thing.  

Luckily, the oldest had a moment of true insight and sought pity on me.

"If you can't draw, why don't you just trace it?" 

Ok, I can do that.  Or can I?

Easy Pancake Art Fail